Hi. thanks for stopping by the Write Place.  I hope to share some of my earlier writings here  for your entertainment.  It’s a work in progress as you may have guessed from the sparse contents at the moment.

Who am I?  I am a retired senior who lives in a small town in British Columbia. I share a condo with my wife of fifteen years along with our black cat who answers to Mouse. (Don’t ask 🙂 )

Like many of the writers I know I have been writing stories most of my life.  It just never occurred to me that there was a market for them until I discovered lesfic!  I even managed to have a short story of mine published in an anthology titled Finding Ms. Write put out by Ylva Pubishers in June of 2016.  Imagine how pleased I was when the senior editor told me that a reader had emailed her and said that my story–Orphans’ Christmas–was her favorite. Trust me, that really made my day.