In 1994 I was a recent widow with too much time on my hands. I had tried my hand at writing before. I even had two novels and several short stories under my belt but sadly they will never see the light of day.

To hone my skills I signed up to take a creative writing course in due course I ended up with five short stories to my credit and high praise for my efforts from my instructors.

Since short stories weren’t in great demand back then, especially ones that were really little more than essays, the stories languished in the bottom of a file cabinet for years.

To pass the time while I take a brief hiatus from struggling with the demons that haunt most beginning writers, I decided to unearth those short shorts and post them to a blog for the entertainment of my friends.

Of course, that proved to be easier said than done. smile. There is apparently more to blogging than I previously though. So here I am, plugging away, hoping that I will be forgiven any faux pas as I try to maneuver my way through the maze of today’s technology. In short, the stories I hope to present here are all in hardcopy format and have to be transcribed to my PC.. so bear with me. I’ll get there eventually so stay tuned.

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